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Regenerative agriculture isn't a secret, nor does it have a label. Engaged individuals from farming, gastronomy, and distribution work together, following open-source principles, to make food cultivation more sustainable for the soil. Soil to Soul is committed to sharing knowledge about regenerative agriculture principles. Find everything we've gathered on this topic here.



Eat where it's good for you and the soil.

With the listing of Soil to Soul restaurants, we aim to gradually better connect our community of committed food enthusiasts and producers. And to give soil-conscious gastronomy the opportunity to engage even more passionately in promoting sustainable agriculture, thanks to increased visibility and, hopefully, better sales.

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Saisoncalendar with Bio Mio

  • Twelve times seasonal with Bio Mio

    January - parsnip

    Did you know that the parsnip contains more vitamin C than carrots? Yep! And, depending on the quality of the…

  • Twelve times seasonal with Bio Mio

    February - Red cabbage

    Red cabbage, red cabbage, blue cabbage or blue cabbage? Almost no other vegetable has as many names as the cabbage…

  • Twelve times seasonal with Bio Mio

    March - Spinach

    Now's the time, depending on the weather conditions and temperature, to sew the first varieties of vegetables, such as spinach,…


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