farmer's table #5 NATURGUT KATZHOF

16. Aug 2023

In the fifth episode of "Farmer's Table," we visit Markus Schwegler and Claudia Meierhans at their Farm NaturGut Katzhof. This farm is nestled in the gentle hills of the Lucerne Wiggertal at an elevation of around 650 meters above sea level.

Katzhof represents a nature-oriented agriculture that produces healthy food, thereby promoting the preservation of a healthy ecosystem and vibrant soil. Vegetables thrive in their community garden. Co-creation, participation, and dialogue are essential cornerstones of their solidarity-based agriculture.

Currently, Katzhof is working on a potential solution for the current water scarcity. Under the concept of "Water Culture," Demeter farmer Markus Schwelger and his team have developed a comprehensive concept. The goal is to use the increasingly scarce rainfall more efficiently. In this context, water culture means that Katzhof sees itself not only as a production facility but also as part of a holistic cycle.

With the project "WaterCulture Katzhof" translated title, they aim to strengthen the natural water cycle across the entire farm area from a comprehensive perspective, creating an environment that remains livable in the future. Markus explains the exact structure and how it works in this episode.

A big thank you to Markus Schwegler and Claudia Meierhans!