Throughout the year, we organize events to connect farmers, gastronomers, and consumers with each other and with the topic of soil. Here you learn from experts, develop new skills in workshops, connect with other participants, or enjoy sustainable and soil-conscious culinary creations.


Soil to Soul Alandroal

This year, we are excited to host another Soil-to-Soul Festival in Alandroal. This event aims to celebrate and explore the intersections of agriculture, gastronomy, and sustainability in the region in Portugal, by bringing together a diverse group of participants to encourage dialogue and collaboration.

Where: Castelo do Alandroal
When: 25. - 26.05.2024


Soil to Soul Producer Arena

The Producer Arena is a meeting place for food producers and gastronomers. In the busy world of food production, there is often little time for distribution and marketing. Conversely, gastronomers and business owners are always looking for new, exciting sources of regional products. This is exactly where our "Producer Arena" comes in.

Event: Part of Food Zürich
When: Monday, June 10, 2024
Partner: Public History Food

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Culinary Film Night

Film: "Master of Cheese" - Watch the trailer to get a taste!
Joining us are Willi Schmid and Myriam Zumbuehl. Culinary delights for the evening will be provided by the talented chef Silvia Manser.

Event: Part of Food Zürich
When: Tuesday, June 11, 2024
Where: Rüsterei and Arena Cinema
Partner: Culinary Film Festival

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Foodreport 2025 Presentation

Topic: Sustainability in Gastronomy and Hospitality
Austrian trend researcher Hanni Rützler will once again present her annual food report on the latest trends in the food industry in 2024. Numerous gastronomy and culinary experts are looking forward to this high-quality input and are eager to see which exciting developments and innovations Hanni Rützler will introduce this year.

Event: Part of Food Zurich
When: Tuesday, June 11, 2024
Where: Karl der Grosse

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Soil to Soul Talk

Topic: Sustainability in Gastronomy and Hospitality
In this discussion, we will explore the sustainable transformation in the gastronomy and hospitality sectors. Representatives from both industries will share insights on how to create a sustainable connection between the kitchen and agriculture. We look forward to an engaging discussion.

Event: Hospitality Summit
When: Thursday, June 13, 2024
Where: Halle 550 in Zurich Oerlikon
Partner: Hospitality Summit

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Our "Soil to Soul" Symposium will once again take place in 2024. Our commitment to healthy agricultural soils as the foundation for a healthy life for humans and animals continues. We look forward to sharing our vision for a sustainable future once again and further developing it together with you and many great experts.

When: October 31st - November 4th, 2024
Where: Zurich
Karl der Grosse
Kulturhaus Helferei


Das ganze Jahr über veranstalten wir Events um Landwirt:innen, Gastronom:innen und Konsument:innen untereinander und mit dem Thema Boden zu verknüpfen. Hier lernt ihr von Expert:innen, erarbeitet neue Fähigkeiten in Workshops, vernetzt euch mit anderen Teilnehmer:innen oder geniesst nachhaltige und bodenbewusste kulinarische Kreationen.