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Healthy soils as the supplier of a nutrient-rich diet and thus the basis for both our own health and the health of our planet.

The brainchild of Zurich businessman Thomas Sterchi and a series of partners, the Soil to Soul Symposium brings together experts in the fields of soil management, enjoyment and digestion. It aims to raise awareness of the importance of healthy soils and the corresponding effects of soil-related problems on the environment and on human health. This is done primarily by pursuing a holistic approach: Only an agriculture that rejects overexploitation can itself remain healthy and ultimately sustain the health of humans and their complex inner workings in the long run. But this is not the only reason that scientists at research institutes around the world want to focus our attention on soil: Thorough rooting of the soil - sequesters CO2 and produces important nutrients for plants, serves as a habitat for mycorrhizal fungi acting as symbionts to help distribute nutrients. Healthy soils therefore sequester CO2, store water, and help the climate while our food grows on them.

As a knowledge platform, we produce and publish relevant information, organise events, connect important players and encourage sustainable conduct. Soil to Soul not only focuses on the science, but also places great emphasis on the enjoyment that intact soil makes possible in the first place.

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