February - Red cabbage

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Red cabbage, purple cabbage, sometimes even blaukraut – almost no other vegetable has as many names as the cabbage with the vibrant colour. And just as a diverse as its nomenclature are the ways that this leafy vegetable can be prepared.

Red cabbage can be harvested as early as August
Red cabbage is – and how could it be otherwise – extremely healthy. 100 grams of red cabbage contains a whole 60 milligrams of vitamin C, thus covering half the body's daily requirement. And it gets even better: This gorgeous veg is also rich in fibre and minerals.

Cabbage can be harvested as early as August. However, because it stores well, it usually only makes it to the table in autumn and winter, when it's commonly served as a side dish with game. Having said that, this particular member of the brassica genus is also great as a salad, a topping on tarte flambee or in a tasty ramen soup (see recipe).

Incidentally: Red cabbage can dye your hands blue/violet during preparation. A little lemon juice or vinegar will soon get them clean again.

Recipe recommendation: Bio Mio: Ramen-Soup