Healthy Soils, Healthy Food

As a knowledge platform, we produce and publish useful information, organize events, connect relevant stakeholders, and motivate sustainable actions.

Soil is Life

In every healthy soil, there is a diversity of microorganisms that form valuable symbioses with the plant life. They constitute the soil's microbiome. Industrial agriculture is aware of this fact but still pays little attention to it. As a result, the world loses valuable soils every year that could serve to feed the growing number of people. Healthy soils also help the climate by absorbing water and CO2 – another reason to commit to protecting this foundation of all nutrition.

Your Contribution Matters!

To convey knowledge about the importance of healthy soils for the life of us all, we organize enjoyable and informative events. For this, we need you! As a curious participant or contributing partner. Soil to Soul sees itself as an ambassador of the soil. Therefore, we pass on the knowledge of our experts to you – to effect a change for the better together in the long term.

You are what you eat

The consumption of foods that grow in an integrated cycle contributes to a more diverse microbiome in the gut. These foods come from regenerative agriculture. A diverse microbiome aids us in digestion and in fighting off diseases. Moreover, it provides the soil with ideal material for its further flourishing. That is why we love healthy soils!