Regeneration reigns

Soil to Soul engages farmers to become advocates for soil health by raising awareness about climate change and industrial agriculture's impact. By involving gastronomy, Soil to Soul aims to make agriculture a partner in promoting soil health.


To support agriculture and the farmers involved, we will offer soil consultation in the future. More information about this project will be available soon in our newsletter!


Those who produce food often don't have the time to focus on sales. On the other hand, those who process food are always happy to have new, exciting sources for regional products. This applies equally to the gastronomy and commercial sectors. With the Producer Arena, a platform is created for exchange between producers and gastronomers.


The Soil to Soul Symposium in Zurich focuses on the topics of nutrition, enjoyment, and health, shedding light on future opportunities and challenges. Our "Soil to Soul" Symposium will also take place again in 2024. We are excited to once again share our vision for a sustainable future and to continue developing it together with you and many great experts.