Food for better Soils

As consumers, we have more influence than we often assume. Buying seasonal and local products not only benefits our health but also the environment. Through our symposium and other initiatives, we support consumers in transitioning to a more soil-conscious diet. Become a soil ambassador and advocate for the health of our soils.


The Soil to Soul Symposium in Zurich focuses on the topics of nutrition, enjoyment, and health, illuminating future opportunities and challenges. Our "Soil to Soul" Symposium will also take place again in 2024. We look forward to sharing our vision for a sustainable future once again and to further developing it together with you and many great experts.


Eat where it's good for you and the soil.

With the listing of Soil to Soul restaurants, we aim to gradually better connect our community of committed food enthusiasts and producers. And to give soil-conscious gastronomy the opportunity to engage even more passionately in promoting sustainable agriculture, thanks to increased visibility and, hopefully, better sales.

Soil-Conscious Wines

Explore the fascinating world of natural wines: In natural harmony with the soil, natural wines are created without chemical additives, reflecting the uniqueness of their terroir. In collaboration with Smith & Smith, we present to you winemakers who specialize in the field of natural wines. Immerse yourself in a world full of flavors and authenticity and experience the taste of nature.


As befits the urgency of the issue, we focus year-round on ways to advance our goals. The Soil to Soul Symposium, known as the highlight of our calendar, is just one aspect. Throughout the year, we also host numerous informational events featuring thought leaders in soil improvement. Here, you can stay informed about current events and incorporate the dates into your schedule. We look forward to your participation.