FoodReport 2025 - Hanni Rützler

The presentation of the Food Report 2025 was a fascinating event for everyone involved in the food industry. In collaboration with the Zukunftsinstitut, we presented the Food Report exclusively for the first time in Zurich. During the week of FOOD ZURICH and under the moderation of Andrin Willi, this event was an unforgettable experience.

In a time when the only constant is change, we witness numerous crises that drive significant changes within the food system and the various eating cultures. To navigate these turbulent times, understanding food trends is crucial. They not only provide us with a roadmap of the most important changes but also ensure that we do not lose sight of the bigger picture.

Image: Angel Sinigersky

Insights into food trends offer orientation and support by setting a direction and highlighting solutions to current problems. They encourage us to act by revealing innovations that challenge the desire for stability. The current Food Report 2025 particularly highlights those current dynamics and food trend synergies that have great potential for transformation.

Chefs have always been the innovators of eating culture, idols, and the rock stars of the culinary world. In the gastro chapter, Hanni Rützler - this time also using AI-supported methods - analyzes developments in top gastronomy, relates them to leading food trends, and introduces restaurant concepts, chefs, and cooks that also have a strong pull effect or exemplary function for the broader gastronomy.

In the retail chapter, Hanni Rützler this time focuses on the diverse, growing, and attractive alternatives to shopping at the supermarket and the new opportunities for farmers in digitally supported direct marketing.

Where others primarily see problems, Hanni Rützler in her Food Report always focuses on solutions. She is convinced that it is always better to understand the dynamics of change and to actively shape the future rather than just letting it happen.

After the presentation, an interactive talk, moderated by Andrin Willi, with guests Prof. Dr. Christine Brombach, Nutrition Researcher at ZHAW, and Thomas Märki, Co-Managing Director and Head of Purchasing at Markthalle Luzern took place. The main topics were consumer behavior and innovative distribution channels for producers using Markthalle Luzern as an example. This talk also provided the opportunity to delve deeper into the topics of the report and to ask questions directly to Hanni Rützler. To conclude, a networking apero took place. A meeting point for industry insiders to exchange ideas in an informal setting, network, and initiate possible collaborations.

You missed the presentation? No problem!

You can find the recorded stream of the entire event here:

Hanni Rützler

As a visionary crosser of boundaries between science and practice, Hanni Rützler offers deep insights into the future of our eating cultures. Her expertise as a nutrition scientist and health psychologist, combined with a keen sense for trends and developments, makes her an indispensable voice in the discussion around sustainable food production and consumption. Since the first publication of her Food Report in 2014, she has consistently demonstrated that with precise analyses and forward-looking insights, she significantly shapes the development of the food industry. For everyone working in the food industry, gastronomy, or hotel industry, Hanni Rützler's insights provide an unparalleled resource for shaping the future of their sectors.

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