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In partnership between Soil to Soul and the Genuss Film Festival Zug, the film "Master of Cheese" has been shown at Arena Cinemas Sihlcity. Following the portrait of the Toggenburg cheesemaker Willi Schmid, there was fine dining at Rüsterei Sihlcity. Typical FOOD ZURICH!

Willi Schmid started his Städtlichäsi in the small Toggenburg town of Lichtensteig in 2006 – today, he is a cult figure, famous as a producer of uniquely aromatic raw milk cheeses that are coveted by connoisseurs far beyond the region.

Today, Schmid's products are served in top gastronomy from Schauenstein in Graubünden to New York. His Jersey Blue, a blue mold cheese made from the milk of Jersey cows, has been awarded the world's best blue mold cheese multiple times. Schmid also stands for the transformation of our food systems towards more sustainable production methods and runs his business according to clear ethical principles.

Based on Willi Schmid's biography, the film team Myriam Zumbühl and Simon Steuri have produced an equally inspiring and educational documentary, which Soil to Soul was showing in partnership with the Genussfilmfestival Zug. After Willi Schmid's captivating story a dinner featuring his best cheeses was served, prepared by top chef Silvia Manser from Truube in Appenzell Gais. Also Author Myriam Zumbühl and Willi Schmid were present.

Here is the trailer for "Master of Cheese": WATCH TRAILER

This event was organized in cooperation with Switzerland Cheese Marketing.

Master of Cheese: Portrait of a Cheese-Maker

The Toggenburg cheesemaker Willi Schmid is "almost world-famous" for his cheeses, wrote the Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger in its review of the 2023 portrait film "Master of Cheese." This is certainly true for Switzerland – Schmid has become one of the most important faces of the local cheese culture due to his emotional story and his unparalleled passion for the milk from the Toggenburg region. How the cheese tastes of what the cow has eaten has been encapsulated into a moving and educational film by author Myriam Zumbühl and director Simon Steuri.

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Willi Schmid, Lichtensteig

When he stepped into self-employment, the farmer's son Willi Schmid had to immediately become creative and give his maximum effort, as his family's welfare was at stake. In the first two weeks of his independence as a cheesemaker, he invented twenty new varieties of cheese and laid the foundation for his phenomenal success today in 2006. In the film "Master of Cheese," he tells his emotional story and explains how the coveted raw milk cheeses are made.

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Silvia Manser, Gais

Born in 1975, Silvia Manser grew up as the daughter of a pair of restaurateurs in Gais—in the same establishment that she took over in 2009, remodeled, and led to its current success. The foundation of this success story is a great deal of passion, but also solid training, including an apprenticeship and studies at a hotel management school. In 2022, Truube was awarded 17 points by Gault-Millau and also received a star from the Michelin Guide. Manser is known for her joyful cuisine, inspired by the rural Appenzell region, yet free from regional dogma.

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