Zizi Hattab's KLE, DAR and COR

Article in collaboration with the team at KLE, DAR & COR

Eating with soil awareness

Located in the heart of Zurich, the restaurant KLE is a prime example of modern, conscious eating. Under the leadership of Zineb Hattab, with a dedicated team including head chef Alessandro Scaccia and front house manager Amona Hausermann, KLE has become a pioneer in plant-based gastronomy since its founding in 2020. The restaurant stands for a cuisine that convinces both in taste and ethics by offering internationally inspired dishes made exclusively from plant-based, local, and seasonal ingredients.

In 2022, DAR, with its fusion cuisine, also came into being. Under the same leadership, and with Marius Kamber as the head chef and Johanna Kannenwischer in the front house, DAR represents the next evolution stage of conscious and plant-based gastronomy. With its cocktail bar led by Regina Bardic, one can not only eat sustainably but also try a wide range of local and vegan cocktails.

In 2023, the COR added to the restaurant group with the art of Spanish pintxos and tapas in an innovative, plant-based variant.

The three restaurants impress with a selection of dishes that excite not only through their taste but also through their origin – local, seasonal, and plant-based. KLE, DAR, and COR thus stand for ethically responsible gastronomy that presents a fusion of various cultures and flavors in a modern, plant-based guise.

Through close cooperation with local suppliers and farmers, the restaurants continuously adapt their offerings to the respective season while simultaneously promoting regional agriculture. They place special emphasis on collaboration and support for small businesses. Their commitment to sustainability and freshness is reflected in every dish prepared with care and respect for the environment.

Furthermore, the restaurants employ sustainability practices that go far beyond the kitchen. A fair working climate, regular team-building events, and a strong anti-discrimination policy ensure a positive and productive working environment. From ingredients to the choice of kitchen and restaurant equipment, to details such as cleaning agents, sustainable materials are prioritized. Zineb Hattab's restaurants are thus an example of a comprehensively sustainable gastronomy concept.


Seasonal & Regional Cuisine:
The leadership of KLE, DAR, and COR places great emphasis on seasonal and regional products to ensure the freshness of ingredients and support local producers. The menus change regularly to adapt to seasonal availabilities and offer guests an authentic taste experience that reflects the diversity of the region.

Food Waste / Food Utilization:
Reducing food waste is a central concern of the restaurants. Through careful planning, the utilization of leftovers (e.g., using mandarin peels for non-alcoholic cocktails), and the creative use of all parts of food, they strive to minimize food waste and promote sustainable resource management.

Organic Products and/or Other Sustainable Labels:
The restaurants prioritize organic products and those with sustainable labels to enhance the quality of dishes and make a positive environmental contribution. These products come from cultivation and production that meet strict ecological and ethical standards, highlighting their commitment to sustainability.

Use of Fresh and Minimally Processed Food:
Almost all food used in KLE, DAR, and COR is fresh and minimally processed to preserve the natural taste and nutrients of the ingredients. This philosophy underscores the importance of quality and naturalness in the kitchen and promotes a healthy dietary awareness.

Close Relationship with Regional Producers:
The restaurants maintain close relationships with regional producers to create a direct connection between the farm and the plate, placing special emphasis on collaboration with small businesses. These chosen partnerships guarantee the delivery of fresh, high-quality ingredients and support the local economy and community.

Plant-Based Cuisine:
The restaurants specialize in 100% vegan dishes that offer a variety of taste experiences without relying on animal products. This orientation reflects the philosophy of the restaurants to promote sustainable and ethically responsible eating habits.


  • Mas Amor


    Mas Amor stands out for its female leadership and Mexican origins, with the production of the Tostadas sourced here being carried out in Switzerland according to organic standards. These aspects make Mas Amor a preferred supplier for KLE, DAR, and COR, reflecting their commitment to diversity, quality, and ecological responsibility.
  • Solawi Halde


    Solawi Halde focuses on an organic-vegan cultivation method and provides the restaurants with a selection of fresh vegetables directly from the region. The partnership between the restaurants and Solawi Halde is based on a shared philosophy for sustainability and the promotion of local agriculture.
  • Garibay Organic

    Asian and Mexican vegetables

    Asian and Mexican vegetable specialties are sourced from Garibay Organic. Here, seasonal, local, and organic products are prioritized, fully in line with the standards of KLE, DAR, and COR.
  • Slow Grow


    Slow Grow is known for its adherence to organic and Demeter guidelines in vegetable production, making it a natural choice for Zineb Hattab's restaurants. The vegetables sourced from Slow Grow contribute to enriching the menu with quality and taste, while also respecting nature and biodynamic farming methods.
  • Grundnahrig


    Grundnahrig supplies KLE, DAR, and COR with local and seasonal organic vegetables. The vegetables from Grundhof are grown under biodynamic criteria, making them especially fresh and crisp.
  • Gebana

    Nuts and citrus fruit

    Gebana aims to change global trade for the benefit of farming families, the local economy, and the environment. Through their holistic approach to organic and Fairtrade principles, they support farmers and producers under fair conditions. They supply KLE, DAR, and COR with fair trade nuts and citrus fruits.
  • New Roots

    Cheese alternatives

    New Roots stands for plant-based cheese alternatives that are locally, organically, and vegan produced, fitting perfectly with the philosophy of the restaurants. The vegan cheese alternatives from New Roots enrich the menus with creative and flavorful options, without compromising on ethical values and quality.

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