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Pumpkin, kale
Pumpkin dishes are indispensable when October comes around. We often use pumpkins to cook a delicious soup or puree, but many other great recipes can be conjured up using the berry (yes, berry). And it also offers some fascinating facts:

Vitamin bomb
Pumpkins are important suppliers of vitamin C and B, minerals and tummy-filling fibre. The seeds contain a whole host of unsaturated fatty acids and are also a valuable source of zinc, magnesium, iron and selenium.

The pumpkin is a berry
Difficult to believe, but the pumpkin is not a vegetable – it is actually a berry fruit. The reason: the seeds are contained within the fruit flesh.

Countless varieties
There are 200 edible varieties of pumpkin and each one has its own characteristics. The Hokkaido, for example, can be prepared without removing the skin. The butternut, on the other hand, must be peeled. Thanks to its buttery-nutty flavour, it is perfect as a soup or puree – this is also true for the Muscat squash.

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