Stefan Wiesner

28. Jan 2022 by Andrin Willi

He’s a philosopher, artist and sorcerer: Stefan Wiesner, the Entlebuch-born avant-garde natural chef at the Rössli in Escholzmatt. His natural, sensory gastronomy is at the centre of a global sensation. He has been using ingredients that come exclusively from surrounding regions for more than 20 years, integrating them heart and soul into his cuisine according to the principles of spagyria. His dishes tell stories, arouse emotions and touch the soul.

Now, at the age of 60, he’s ready to take the helm at the Heiligkreuz wellness hotel in Hasle. The “Haus Klar” offers a holistic concept with restaurant, rooms and production facilities.
Back to nature is Stefan Wiesner’s guiding principle – and he’s convinced that this is the path to health, happiness, gratitude and a good life.