farmer's table #2 Fabio Müller - Kuro & Mein Schwein

27. Aug 2021

The second part of our video series focusses on farmer Fabio Müller from Kuro and Mein Schwein. Fabio explains what is so special about the Kuro breed, how important animal husbandry is, and what influence a high-quality animal feed has on meat quality.

In addition to the Kuro pigs, Fabio Müller also distributes pink pigs under the Mein Schwein label to various farmers, who then allow customers to participate in their rearing. Fabio explains the entire Mein Schwein concept in the video.

Fabio Müller will be on site with Mein Schwein & Kuro at the Soil Food Market at Sihlcity, Zurich on September 17 and 18, 2021.