Zürich meets Copenhagen

Be there in Copenhagen!

Soil to Soul is participating in a new event series from August 18th to 27th, 2023. For several years, the Integrated Site and Destination Marketing (ISDM) has been conducting the "Zürich meets..." series in various cities, including London, Berlin, Hong Kong, and San Francisco. Now, Denmark's metropolis, Copenhagen, is on the program, where the world-famous food festival, Copenhagen Cooking will take place in August as part of "Zürich meets...".

The events in the Zürich meets Copenhagen program deal with cultural and scientific topics that are specific to our region. Within the framework of Copenhagen Cooking, Soil to Soul is organizing a dinner accompanied by a panel discussion on the topic "a taste of urban gardening". This evening will take place at the Oenshave Restaurant, where Carlos Navarro together with the Oenshave team will pamper the guests culinarily.

Together with a group of experts, we will show how, thanks to increased awareness of soil quality in urban areas, sustainable food production can be achieved. The following topics will be discussed under the direction of Andrin Willi (Program Director of Soil to Soul):

  • The role of urban development in infrastructure creation (best practice examples)
  • Gentle use of soils in urban settlements for food production
  • Empowerment of the population

We hope to meet many friends of Soil to Soul in Copenhagen.



  • Natalie Gessler, Canton of Zurich, Department of Construction - Office for Waste, Water, Energy, and Air
  • Simone Brander, City Councillor, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering and Waste Management


  • Cindie Christiansen, Executive Director Foodprint Nordic
  • Sascha Faxe, Member of Parliament from The Alternative party