Food Report 2023 - Hanni Rützler

When the Bregenz trend researcher Hanni Rützler presents her annual Food Report, the food industry listens up. On 8 June 2022, Hanni Rützler will present the Food Report 2023 in Switzerland. She will provide exclusive insights into the Food Report 2023, and in the subsequent talk with culinary writer and gourmet activist Andrin Willi, she will delve into individual points. The event will be rounded off with an aperitif from the Rüsterei.

Presentation of the Food Report 2023 with Hanni Rützler

"Good, New, Alt or No" - in her new food report, Hanni Rützler, who tasted the first cell-cultured meat loaf almost ten years ago, analyses the future of our meat consumption and the ever-growing variety of protein-rich alternatives to meat and dairy products. What makes protein the new buzzword of the food scene? Will "alternative meat" ever taste like the animal original? And will precision fermentation replace traditional cheese production? You can discuss these and many other questions with the author at the presentation of Hanni Rützler's Food Report 2023 on 8 June in Zurich.


A border crosser in the best sense: Hanni Rützler sees herself as a nutritionist and health psychologist. With an unerring sense of intuition, she traces the mechanisms and emotions at play along the production chains of our food. Hanni Rützler, born in 1962, first published her Food Report in 2014 and since then has proven year after year that she grasps current hot topics as well as emerging trends and sheds light on them.

The trend researcher with multidisciplinary access to the world's food and drink cultures notices inconspicuous changes and extrapolates their potential to change individual industries or the entire consumer world. For marketers from the food industry, producers from the manufacturing scene, hoteliers and restaurateurs, the insights from Hanni Rützler's Food Report are therefore extremely valuable.


In last year's report, for example, Hanni Rützler reacted unerringly and impressively to the pandemic conditions and researched their effects live, so to speak - the task was to record and describe the effects of Corona on our diet. For example, she predicted that Corona will make food the clock of everyday life: many people also enjoyed the time of the shutdowns and will continue to gather the family around the table. However, this will not become a megatrend for society as a whole. "Grab and go" will be common again as soon as the pandemic is medically under control.

Magazine: Hanni Rützler presented her Food Report 2022 in Zurich.

In her annual Food Report, the Bregenz-based nutrition researcher and author makes important trends in food production and gastronomy visible. Hanni Rützler was invited by Soil to Soul to present the latest report in Zurich's Papiersaal on 19 May - in front of a full house!

Talk with Hanni Rützler and Andrin Willi