Martina Wacker, Bio Mio

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Spinach, rocket, radish
Depending on the weather and temperature, seeds are now being sown with vigour, and the first varieties of veg – including spinach, rocket and radish – are ready for harvesting.

Incidentally, the term radish comes from the Latin name “radix”, which means “root” – rather apt considering all varieties of radish, including the classic Cherry Belle, grow underground.

And there’s a fact worth knowing about spinach, too: Its iron content is not nearly as high as was long supposed. Exactly how the myth of iron-rich spinach came about is unclear. The most common explanation is that over 100 years ago, someone is said to have placed a decimal point in the wrong place when compiling a nutritional table. The actual iron content of 3.5mg in 100g of spinach suddenly became 35mg.

Recipe recommendation: Fine rocket pesto