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Fennel, cucumber, cauliflower

The first fennel, cucumber and cauliflower emerge. The latter, however, has to travel a long and winding road before it lands on the supermarket shelves. The criteria laid down for cauliflower fills an entire A4 sheet of paper! Among other things, it stipulates that the cauliflower must be clean, fresh, firm and compact. It must be free from frost or weather damage and staining – and the white must be truly white, without the slightest hint of yellow.

But why does cauliflower turn yellow? The cauliflower florets are covered for an extended period by leaves. As soon as these open, the sun is able to shine on the florets, turning their white surface yellow.

This effect has absolutely no influence on the quality or taste of the vegetable, and if you add a little milk to the water when cooking, the cauliflower regains its snow-white appearance.

Recipe recommendation Pasta salad with cauliflower and carrots