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Lamb’s lettuce, sugarloaf chicory, red chicory
Fresh salad greens can also be harvested in winter. Lamb’s lettuce is the better known and most popular of these and, depending on the variety, extremely hardy.

Also resistant to the cold are sugarloaf chicory and red chicory – both of which can withstand a light frost. And if it does get a little too chilly outside, they can be stored indoors for up to two months.

Sugarloaf chicory and red chicory both have a bitter taste, which is why they are not popular with everyone. But there is a little trick to combat the bitterness: Simply soak the cut leaves in lukewarm water to draw out the bitter compounds. Alternatively, these varieties are also delicious cooked – there are some tasty dishes to be conjured up using sugarloaf chicory and red chicory.

Recipe recommendation: Sugarloaf salad with buckwheat popstars