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Tomatoes, zucchini (baby marrows), bell peppers

Cherry or cocktail, date or large and juicy beef tomatoes: A whole range of tomato varieties are grown in Switzerland – and it is also one of the country's most popular vegetables. But beware: Seen from a purely botanical perspective, the tomato is actually a fruit.

It is important to store tomatoes away from other fruit and veg, as they produce ethylene gas. This speeds up the ripening process of any other fresh produce stored near them.

In addition to tomatoes, Summer also brings forth an abundance of Mediterranean vegetables, such as aubergines and zucchinis (or baby marrows). Because the latter have little flavour of their own, it makes them one of the most versatile vegetables around. The name comes from the Italian for "little gourd" ("zucca" is the gourd).

Recipe recommendation summer courgette quiche