farmer's fable #4 Hinterhof Metzgerei

12. Oct 2022

In the fourth farmer's table episode, Michael Vogt, founder of the Hinterhof Metzgerei, talks about his career change, his motivation, his goals and his daily challenges. He gives an insight into how the animals are kept and slaughtered, about processing and the importance of "special cuts".

Hinterhof Metzgerei stands for animal welfare, high quality meat and intense meat flavour. The animals grow up slowly, they live in a herd and graze on the pastures around the farm from spring to autumn. They eat only grass, herbs and hay, simply what nature provides in the green meadows. His animals are stunned, bled and thus killed on the farm. They are not loaded onto transporters, do not leave their familiar surroundings, are never alone and suffer absolutely no stress on slaughter day. A very humane method of taking animals out of life.