From Zurich Farm to Zurich Table

16. Sept 2023
20:00 - 01:00

It is the final event of this year's symposium in collaboration with Gastro Stadt Zürich: Six chefs from the city of Zurich are on site with their favorite Zurich producer, each preparing a dish with local products. Taking part are the teams from Rechberg, Wirtschaft im Franz, Silex, Rüsterei, Blaue Ente, The Artisan and Neue Taverne. One dish from each establishment will be prepared at a cooking station and enjoyed as a standing dinner. The creations will of course be accompanied by wines from regional producers. Like the kitchen teams, the producers will be on site and will be happy to provide information about the production, history, and characteristics of their products. The Bar am Wasser will also be present, providing drinks with or without and, if at all possible, strictly from Zurich.

Ticketprice: incl. 6x courses, 1 welcome drink, water & coffee

This event is presented in collaboration with: Gastro Stadt Zürich