Charter for Gastronomy

What comes onto our plates has a significant impact on the environment and climate. Gastronomes reach many people and can make a difference daily with their actions and decisions

As the first nationwide gastronomy association and as the first Swiss city, Gastro Stadt Zürich, together with the City of Zurich and the healthy3 initiative, launched a Charter for a climate-friendly, health-promoting, and enjoyable gastronomic offering on March 20, 2023. Already, over 90 Zurich gastronomy businesses have signed the Charter (as of January 2024). We also encourage you to take on a sustainable role model in the gastronomy sector and sign the Charter.

Picture: Digital craftsmanship, Kultur Lokal Rank

What is the Charter about?
It focuses on promoting a plant-based diet and reducing meat consumption and usage as effective means to improve human and planetary health.

Signing establishments commit to:

  • Expanding and diversifying vegetarian and vegan offerings to make them attractive, varied, seasonal, and balanced.
  • Critically evaluating the portion sizes and the type, origin, and utilization of meat dishes (including meat products), and making adjustments as necessary.
  • Being bold in initiating and implementing their own ideas on the subject.

For implementation in the city of Zurich, further interested gastronomy establishments in individual, system, and community catering are invited to sign the Charter.