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Eating with soil awareness

Let's make the world a better place!

Anoah is exclusively dedicated to vegan cuisine. The team pursues peaceful activism by creatively and experientially showcasing the potential of vegan cuisine to guests.

Founder Noah Rechsteiner had dreamed of his own restaurant since his youth. After hosting three pop-up restaurants in Zurich and Zermatt, his dream became a reality. He opened his own permanent restaurant at Rigiplatz in Zurich. Until then, he had collected numerous sketches, photos, and ideas. The concept? 100% vegan cuisine and excellent working conditions. Anoah pays attention to detail: from the color scheme to the comfortable chairs, down to the texture of the napkins and the music.

© Alina Birjuk

Due to his young age and his recent graduation from the Hotel Management School in Zurich, the New Work model is particularly close to his heart. This is also because his employees are close friends and have almost become family.

For the team, food is much more than just sustenance – they want to engage all senses and take guests on a culinary journey into their world of plant-based cuisine. It's full of emotions and memories. They whisk their guests away from everyday life and immerse them in a different world. In a unique atmosphere, they create an environment for unforgettable evenings with even more unforgettable food. It's not just about the dishes, but also about an overall sensory experience!

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Through collaboration with local producers, expertise, and creativity, they aim to show that there is another way. Their menu consists exclusively of plant-based foods, sourced whenever possible from organic and regional sources. Enjoyment is clearly the focus!

At Anoah, sustainability extends beyond the plate to sustainable business practices. Therefore, the restaurant offers only a fixed menu that changes every two months. This way, precise planning is possible. No food is wasted, and it ensures that the products are always seasonal.


Seasonal & Regional Cuisine
At Anoah, there is always only one menu that changes every two months. If something is not in season for two months, it is replaced within the menu. The wine pairing exclusively features wines from the Old World.

Food Waste / Food Utilization
With the fixed menu, precise planning is possible. If there is ever an excess of something, it is simply used the next day. Surpluses or "by-products" are used for the staff. Juice press residues are turned into powder.

Organic Products and/or Other Sustainable Labels
The main components are preferably purchased organically, as is the wine. However, as a start-up, Anoah is not yet financially able to buy 100% organic.

Close Relationship with Local Producers
Building a network of producers is an ongoing project at Anoah for the coming years. However, due to the young concept, the focus is initially on optimizing processes and getting to know the exact costs. Nevertheless, some of their ingredients are already sourced from sustainable producers.

Use of Fresh and Minimally Processed Foods
At Anoah, around 95% of the ingredients are freshly purchased and processed in-house.

Vegetarian / Plant-Based Cuisine
From the food to the beverages to the interior design, everything at Anoah is plant-based.

Fair Working Atmosphere & Compensation System
Another aspect of sustainability at Anoah is the payment of its employees. Thanks to the concept, working conditions can be offered to the staff that make the restaurant industry an attractive place to work again. Employees work a 4-day week, without overtime, with 6 weeks of annual leave, and receive above-average wages for the industry.

Employee Well-being
Employee well-being is a top priority at Anoah. In the small team, they see each other more as family than as colleagues. A sign of this is the habit of hugging before each shift.

Sustainability in Kitchen and Restaurant Equipment
Even in the kitchen and restaurant equipment, Anoah opts for durable and energy-efficient appliances wherever possible.


  • Patrick Marxer


    It all started many years ago on a cold winter night around Christmas time: Patrick Marxer was disappointed with the smoked salmon on offer. So he decided to smoke his own fish. Without further ado, he set up a tent in the middle of the forest, built a fire and smoked salmon all night. Since that evening, the trained laboratory technician has made it his mission to make good products even better. In 2009, he decided to start his own company. This is how "DasPure" was born - with the aim of bringing ecological delicacy to the market. Since 2012, DasPure AG's quarters and finishing plant have been in an old hosiery factory in Wetzikon in the Zurich Oberland. Here, Patrick Marxer and his 5 employees refine various foodstuffs and produce the delicious delicacies, which can also be bought directly on site.
  • PilzChef GmbH


    The young company in the Zurich Oberland region is passionately dedicated to cultivating rare and noble mushrooms. The goal is to bring the fascinating diversity of mushrooms closer to people and expand their taste horizons. Great emphasis is placed on sustainable and environmentally friendly mushroom cultivation. Through natural cultivation methods and resource-efficient production, the mushrooms are grown in a controlled environment. This ensures the best quality and flavor. With great care and expertise, the mushroom cultures are nurtured to ensure that each variety can reach its full potential.
  • Augustus Feinkost

    Italian specialties

    Augustus Delicatessen is a small family business based in the city of Zurich. For 20 years, they have been supplying gastronomes and shops in the Zurich area with special foods and delicacies.
  • Amfora

    Extra virgin olive oil and olives

    Eurof, Simon, and Christoph from Amfora see a great opportunity to make a positive impact for people and nature in the field of olive oil. Amfora is a "Farm Direct" company that buys sustainably produced olive oil directly from small producers at fair prices. Amfora's vision is to become the go-to resource for family-run small producers in the Mediterranean region.

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